Dan's with us


My journey into the world of physical activity began with my graduation from the Royal Conservatory of Professional Dance Mariemma in Madrid, my passion for dance and fitness has led me on a constant path of learning and improvement. I have danced in world-renowned companies such as Parsons Dance and Ballet Hispanique in New York, inspiring and motivating others through movement.

Certified as a monitor of activities led by ESHI and Body Pump Les Mills, I have traveled around the world for a decade. In addition to dance, I have created Dance Fitness content for Burning Calories, focusing on activities such as BalletFit and physical conditioning, always with music and rhythm.

As a triathlete in my spare time, I constantly challenge myself. I have been a coach of directed activities at the Viding Sports Center in Tarragona, leading Body Pump and Zumba. As a teacher of Modern Jazz and Broadway Jazz, I have taught at iconic locations such as Broadway Dance Center in New York.

I am currently part of the cast of “Mamma Mia the Musical” at the Teatro Rialto de la Gran Vía, where I combine my passion for the stage with an active and healthy lifestyle. I have also participated in film productions, commercials and television programs.

As a coordinator of multidisciplinary sporting events and part of DANS, I aim to positively impact everyone's lives. Join me on this exciting journey to wellness through movement. 💪💃 #Danza #Fitness #SaludYBienestar”